It’s time for your May update as we continue our efforts to restore the Zilker Eagle mini train! This past month our experts have focused their efforts on extensively testing the train in Zilker Park. Just a few weeks ago, we tested the train with a full load of staff members and experienced some clearance issues. While this was disappointing, it’s also exactly why we test! We want to work out all the kinks and ensure the train is 100% safe before we open it to the public.

To fix the issue, the train coaches are being transported one by one to Schertz, TX to be adjusted. Stronger springs and lift trucks are being installed to boost the train cars to increase their clearance from the bottom of the car to the track with a full load.

Once the first three coaches have been outfitted with the new springs and lift trucks, testing will resume on the tracks in Zilker. Our train experts are feeling very optimistic about this fix, and if all goes according to plan, we can set a date to open the train to the public soon.

Earlier this year, we encountered a site-specific challenge with recent erosion that was undermining the tracks on the parkland adjacent to the Barton Springs Road Bridge. We are happy to report that we have implemented a temporary fix that has stabilized the issue, and a more permanent fix is in the works.

We know this project has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but we appreciate you hanging on with us, and we are so excited to be approaching what feels like the final stretch. Stay tuned for more!

Colin Wallis
Chief Executive Officer
Austin Parks Foundation