Restoring the Zilker Train

The NEW Zilker Train is here: the Zilker Eagle! Since 1961, a mini train has run in Zilker Park. The previous train, the Zilker Zephyr, went out of commission in May 2019. Like you, we were saddened by the closure announcement, and we understand the train has been an important part of Austin’s past. With your help, we were able to ensure it’s part of Austin’s future.

Because of our partnership with the City’s Parks & Recreation Dept., and nearly 30 years of proven results, we were contacted to help find an interim solution.

history of the zilker Train

60-year history of Zilker Park’s beloved train


The original Zilker Eagle takes its first trip around the tracks on April 22, 1961.


The original Zilker Eagle takes its final trip around the tracks at Zilker Park after 35 years.


The City of Austin hosts a “name that train” contest in January 1997. The Zilker Zephyr wins and takes the tracks for the first time!


Track erosion due to rain causes the Zilker Zephyr to close down.


Austin City Council asks Austin Parks Foundation to take over restoration and operation of the train while the Zilker Park Master Planning takes place.


The new Zilker Eagle train name and brand is revealed.

The original zilker eagle


Thank you for making the new Zilker Eagle possible!

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