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The mini train at Zilker Park is one of the most beloved family activities in Austin. Since 1961, the train has taken children on an adventure around Zilker Park, past scenic views of Lady Bird Lake, the great lawn and the Zilker Playscape.

As we near the 60th anniversary of this gem, Austin Parks Foundation is proud to be taking the lead in restoring it to its former glory. Your gift today will help us ensure the train continues to create lasting memories for Austin families.

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Sponsorship offers brand building and access to engaged community members, plus digital and print recognition opportunities. Organizations seeking to gain exposure to families, visitors and those who are active in our community and outdoor spaces, will benefit.

Restoring Fun

After the train closed in May 2019 due to untenable repair costs, the Austin City Council and Parks & Recreation Department asked Austin Parks Foundation to get a new train running as safely and quickly as possible. Financial support from our sponsors ensure the Zilker Eagle will remain operational for years to come.


Based on data from previous train operators, the Zilker Eagle is expected to see 3,425+ riders per week for a total of 175,000+ riders a year. Reaching Austinites and visitors alike, riders represent a wide range of demographics. We’ll continue to focus on equitable access to the Zilker Eagle in everything we do.


The Zilker Eagle is a dynamic new centerpiece of Zilker Park, bringing the children and families of Austin together for generations to come. New features include an electric powered engine, passenger cars with improved accessibility and upgrades to the train depot for a more inclusive experience for riders of all ages and abilities!

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